Master Programme

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Research   Directions

Typical   Modules (selected)

Teaching   Language

Political Theory

Political   Theory and Methodology  

“Principles   of Political Science”;

“Special   Topics on Contemporary Chinese Government and Politics”

“Local   Government”;

“Research on   the Cutting-Edge Issues of Politics”;


Nation-Building   and Grass-root Governance  

Political   Development and Chinese Politics

Pubic   Administration and Public Policy  

Comparative Political Institution

Theory of Comparative   Politics  

“Comparative   Politics”;

“Special   Topics on Comparative Politics”;

“Research on   the Cutting-Edge Issues of Politics”


Contemporary   Chinese Government and Politics  

Comparative   Local Government and Grass-root Governance

Scientific Socialism and International   Communist Movements

Scientific   Socialism and  

Socialism   with Chinese  


“History of   International Communist Movement”;

“Special   Research on Marxism in the West”;

“Selected   Readings of Marxist Classics” ;

“History of   Socialist Thought”


Contemporary   World Socialism  

Construction   of Socialist Democracy and Socialist Legal System

International Politics

Theory of   International Politics  

“China’s   Economy and Politics”;

“The   Relations between Major Powers and Diplomacy”;

“China’s   International Strategy and Foreign Relations”;

“International   Law and International Organization”

Chinese,   English

Area Studies   and Regional Politics

Comparative   Studies of International Politics

International   Relations  

International   Relations and Politics

“Theory of   International Relations”;

“The   Relations between Major Powers and Diplomacy”;

“Forefront of   International Relations”;

“Sino- American   Relations”;

Chinese,   English

China’s   Foreign Relations

Relations   among the Major Powers