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Zhang Bichun

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Research Institute of Political Science, Central China Normal University

152 Luoyu Road, Wuhan, Hubei, PRC. 430079 



Dr.Community colleget, Central China Normal University, July 2012

Master.Community colleget, Central China Normal University, July 2009



Postdoctoral.Research Institute of Political Science,Central China Normal University,2012 ~ 2014 

Teacher.Research Institute of Political Science, Central China Normal University,July 2014 ~ Present


Major Publications

1.Lord of the plight of single parent organization to participate in, the internal logic and the way of crack, based on the background of social governance of thinking, journal of central China normal university, 2014, 6

2. Despair and struggle: lost parents alone the evolution of the relationship and its intervention path ,social science research 2014 no. 4

3. The change and adjustment: the stability of the loss of parents alone maintenance logic ,journal of central China normal university, 2013; National People's Congress photocopying journal of sociology 2013, 7 reship

4. The loss of social adaptation mechanism analysis of singleton female parents ", studies of socialist 2, 2013, xinhua digest 14 reprint 2013

5. The loss of singleton female parents “triple dilemma” and its support mechanism research, the population and the economy in 2012

6. From imagination to reality: AIDS, Gerald. The logic of social relations with tension fracture, 1, 2009, the social sciences in zhejiang the college liberal arts academic digest 2009 reprin

7. The social policy research, a new face: justice, diversity, relationship and moderate - social policy research in China in the recent ten years, the social sciences in nanjing, 2011, 1

8. The perspective of social mobility of social justice in China, the study of MAO zedong, deng xiaoping theory, the 3rd issue in 2007

9.Contemporary China's rural culture of risk and crisis, the study and practice of 8, 2007

10.On the rural ecological culture of the modern risk and the succession crisis, MAO zedong, deng xiaoping theory research 10th, 2007


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E-mail: bczhang001@163.com