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Zhao Changfeng

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Name: Zhao Changfeng   Sex: male                  

Unit Tel: 0086-27-67865155

Mobile number: 0086-13437106176  

E-mail address:zhchf2013@163.com



Research interests 

My research focus on the China’s foreign policy , China-Africa relations and American Foreign Aid policy. 




Ph.D, International Relations,CentralChinaNormalUniversity(2006) 

M.A., International Relations,HebeiNormalUniversity(2003) 

B.A., International Economy, Beijing Technology and Business University (1997)




Now as the instructor of several graduate students at Huazhong Normal University, in charge of several graduate students’ courses such as The Introduction of International Political Economy, International Organization and International Law and the Sino-American,etc.




Doctoral dissertation: on the Power and Interest in International Financial Cooperation


 (1) International Cooperation and HarmoniousWorld, China Social Science Press, Beijing, 2011. 

(2) International financial Cooperation: An Analysis of Power and Interest, World Knowledge Press,Beijing, 2006.


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2.     the institutional choice of Korean Peninsula Issue: an analysis of transaction costs ' Journal of Kaifeng University, Issue 1, Date: February 2011, Pages: 12-15.

3.     OnChina’s Aid Policy toAfricain the 21st Century' Journal of Socialism Study, Issue 1, Date: February 2010, Pages: 139-143. 

4.     the Status, Problems and Solution of the Cooperation between China andAfricain the New Era’ Journal of Socialism Study, Issue 4, Date: August 2009, Pages: 132-136. 

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